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Universal Health Coverage Plan (UHCP)

Universal Health Coverage Plan (UHCP) provides Comprehensive health coverage for Workers in the Garment Industry, with effective Disease prevention, immediate access to Health information and services, and efficient cost control through a structured Health Care Financial Plan.

UHCP is group medical coverage to provide essential medical services, out-door & indoor treatment, health education and necessary medicines all in a single package.

Background of UHCP:

Universal Health Coverage Plan (UHCP) is the modified concept of the Health Micro insurance (HMI) project. HMI is a project of BADAS (Diabetic Association of Bangladesh) in collaboration with UICL (United Insurance Company Limited) & New Asia Group of Garment for providing comprehensive Medical Care to approximately 10,000-11,000 garment industry workers. In the pilot phase Swiss Micro Insurance Consultancy Group (SMCG), Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) and BADAS collaborated to set up the initial system from their practical experience and expertise. BADAS has successfully operated the 2nd year of the Health Micro Insurance (HMI) and has provided health care support to the garments workers through National Health Care Network (NHN), one of the largest enterprises of BADAS. For the betterment of the monetary transaction without insurance, BADAS is piloting a new concept (UHCP) for garment workers in collaboration with WOF.

In this project WOF, BADAS and Garment Industries collaborate together where WOF work as a donor, BADAS work as Health Provider as well as management of the project and the Garment Industries work as the Health Coverage Receivers. BADAS and Auchan International, a French retailer, through it’s foundation “Weave Our Future” plans to operate a Health Coverage Pilot Project among Ready-Made Garment Workers in the selected factories of Narayanganj area, Bangladesh.

The health care services are being provided through medical centres/hospitals of BADAS situated at Narayanganj and Dhaka. Research, Training and Management (RTM) International is monitoring the activities of the project as an independent monitor organization assigned by WOF for the entire project period.

Objective of UHCP project:

  • To provide Health Care Services and also deliver the Health Educational / Awareness about Disease Prevention and control at all levels.
  • Ensure Basic, Secondary and Tertiary Health Services

Goal of UHCP

Ensuring Healthcare for 4.2 million Garment workers, at Workplace and Community Level.

UHCP Health Coverage Cost

BDT 1,020 per worker/member per year.

WOF and Factory Contribution on Coverage Cost for 5000 workers for 4 years 50 % of Coverage cost paid by Factory & 50% of Coverage cost paid by Weave Our Future (WOF).

Worker Contribution

A 5% worker contribution is charged on the value of Treatment taken. Workers that don’t take treatment shall not pay 5% worker contribution.

Service Package

Maximum Health Coverage per worker/employee per year BDT 25,000/-

UHCP Services Components

  • Doctor Consultation
  • Medicine
  • Medical test/ Investigation
  • Outdoor service
  • Hospitalization
  • Maternity Benefit
  • Ambulance Service
  • Medical Call center
  • Health Education and disease prevention

Garment Factories under UHCP, BADAS

Diabetic Association of Bangladesh (BADAS) Provides not only 24/7 Comprehensive healthcare facilities but also Health Education, for workers of the Garment industry. Presently, BADAS is providing this service in Seven Factories all together 7000+ workers of Narayangonj which will be continued up to 2025.

Following Factories at Narayangonj are in UHCP Coverage:

  • Abloom Design Ltd.
  • Lexel Knitwear Ltd.
  • Pawla Knitwear Ltd.
  • Radical Design Ltd.
  • Time Sweaters Ltd.
  • Best Style Composite Ltd.
  • Innovative Knitex Ltd.